Bethany is a Bible based evangelical church
Bethany is a Bible based evangelical church

Bethany Church Filton


We are currently watching the advice from the government on the issue of coronavirus and remind everyone that personal hygiene, hand washing more with soap and water and having a rest at home if you are feeling unwell is the best advice. 


As of June 4th the Government have advised that we can open as a church.

There are strict conditions for the church to follow and as such we have made the hard decision that Bethany Church Filton will not resume it's normal services until we feel that it is safe for our whole congregation.

There is a verse in the bible that says that although everything is permissable, not everything is beneficial, hence due to so many of our congregation vulnerable, shielding or not able, we feel it is not beneficial to put people at risk in the current climate.

This has been a very hard decision to make and we value your prayers but due to the average age of our members and the advice about over 70s, we feel that it would be putting people at risk and we are not going to do that. We shall be updating the phone, Twitter and here as things progress.

I would urge all to pray and read your bibles. There are some great radio stations including UCB and Premier to listen to. Overall keep safe and keep praying that this will pass.


We are praying that people do not feel isolated and if you know someone who will be alone, why not give them a phone call to see how the are?



 A warm welcome from Bethany Church Filton,                     Come along and join in for                                         Worship & Fellowship

1st & 3rd Sunday - 3pm   2nd & 4th Sunday 11am followed by lunch

About Bethany

Bethany Church Filton is an independent Bible based evangelical church that provides opportunities for worship, Christian growth, service, and fellowship. At Bethany, we hold firmly to the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and their teaching that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died and rose again for the sins of us all and one day will return.

Who We Are At Filton

We are just a group of friendly Christians! We are not Bible bashers but ordinary people from all walks of life who love Jesus as Lord and desire to meet together to worship Him in a way which, we believe, conforms to the Bible.

We are not perfect, elitist or "holier than thou". We know our weaknesses and failings and are aware that we are just like everyone else. So we try to live according to the Bible, which we believe is the inspired and living Word of God i.e. it is up to date and relevant for today's society.
Leadership at Bethany is provided by elders who actively seek God’s guidance in helping each individual grow as a Christian. We believe that God has given gifts and talents to each individual to be nurtured and shared within the church.
We therefore welcome everyone to Bethany, Christians, those who have lost their faith, or those whose faith is weak and need further understanding and help to return to God. We, at Bethany would he happy to show you the way.

"My Thoughts and Feelings about Bethany Church Filton - A Testimonial

As a local resident I have had the pleasure of visiting and meeting the people at Bethany Hall.
I have found that the people there to be both friendly and happy. It is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting and seeing everyone there with the welcome they give visitors to their meetings.
Through their company I have learnt that belief can bring us strength and love in our lives. This is a help in the difficult times we have in our lives and I thank them for that help.
Sincerely Peter Sellek"